Who We Are

“The Inspired Leaders Network is a live leadership network, bringing together the best of the world’s Inspired Leaders, business executives and top emerging talent.”

“We educate and inspire. Our focus is leadership and culture, and our network is all about learning and improvement in the world of leadership.”

With operations across the UK and Africa, and a growing global footprint in other emerging markets, it has established itself over the last decade as THE dynamic, contemporary and fast moving network in bringing together leaders past, present and future. After all, the role of any inspired leader is to create more inspired leaders. And that’s exactly what we do.

The Inspired Leaders Network attracts the best from the private businesses to public sector; from huge multi-nationals to exciting start-ups, from chairman to managers and from the media shy to the self-publicists. It is a unique and highly personal chance to listen to, observe and take on board what some of the finest leaders around the globe have to offer, recounting both their successes and failures along the way.

If you are keen to grow further as a leader, learn from the best or mingle and network with like-minded individuals to form a peer group outside of your every day working environment, this is the network for you. It might just be the competitive advantage you need in these unprecedented and turbulent times.

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