72 Hours is a long time in Politics

Published: 9th June

Immediately after the General Election THREE party leaders had resigned, but then within the space of THREE momentous days, Nigel Farage having resigned as leader of UKIP, was back.  In terms of an authentic leader, it probably was not the best judgement call he has ever made.  Having made a very clear and forthright promise to stand down as leader if he didn’t win the seat of Thanet South, has he shot his credibility to pieces?

Chuka Umunna, on the other hand, threw his hat into the ring to become the new leader of the Labour Party, given Ed Miliband’s resignation on the quite traumatising loss of the General Election.  Within 72 hours, Chuka had thrown his hat out of the ring, and withdrew his candidacy for the Labour leadership.

In truth, we all make U-turns, and it is only human that we change our minds – but usually in the face of overwhelming evidence, AND we are not all standing for election as a political leader (or not in some cases).

In both cases, both individuals have not just scored ‘own goals’, but now many will question their judgement and their veracity.

It is really tough being a leader, but you need to stand for something, otherwise we are all left not so sure what these two potential leaders stand for any more.

Eating our words usually leads to some form of leadership indigestion.

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