It’s None of Your Business

Published: 19th April

Another fabulous evening at The Inspired Leaders Network, lit up by some unique and special retail expertise.  Kim Winser, Peter Ruis and Eric Musgrave were joined by our own King of Academia, Professor Chris Brady.

The fast moving and very instructive discussion covered everything and anything retail.  The main topic was to try and answer the question “In times of turbulent change, was it preferential to have the privacy and potential lack of inquisition that Private Run Businesses appear to benefit from, or in a time of disclosure and transparency, are PLC’s a challenging but necessary way forward?”

Well, the major conclusion was that it was less about being Privately or Publically owned, it was so much more about Leadership Ethos and Culture.

Peter and Kim had both worked at Marks and Spencer and both felt that their time there, despite it being one of the top PLCs in the UK and near the top of the FTSE 100, it still felt like a family run business.  This was so much more about the support, values and the trust that was available everywhere, and most of all, everyone who worked there felt that they were part of something very special indeed.

Peter had a similar experience at John Lewis, with its unique mutual status, it somehow gave the feeling of being a focused big retailer, but also had that feeling of being privately owned.

Eric had pearls of wisdom for everyone and from everywhere, nothing was sacred but he challenged with a smile and a brilliant sense of humour.

All in all, it was another fascinating and revealing evening.

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