Who’s Afraid of the Rooney Rule

Published: 19th April

We anticipated another spicy and spiky evening at The Inspired Leaders Network and we certainly were not disappointed.

Our panel were passionate and opinionated, and aligned on the importance and need for The Rooney Rule, but differed on how and how quickly things could and would change.

There were many challenges from as equally as passionate an audience.

Whilst the debate centred around football, it had implications for organisations everywhere. The need for all leadership positions to be made open for all those qualified, not just to have the opportunity of applying, but to have a real chance of landing the role if they are the best suited candidate. Frankly we never got anywhere near to resolving this perennial issue, but all present soon realised that any solution would be brought about by enlightened and action oriented leadership.

The changes required would need radical thinking and radical action, and this takes courage and the ability to take people with you.

Our panellists gave it their all and whilst there was broad alignment on the need for The Rooney Rule, but whether we would experience that change imminently led to much doubt.

The most striking and perhaps worrying comment of the evening came from the audience, that even if The Rooney Rule was implemented, if it was then later withdrawn, things would probably fall right back to where they were before.

This tells us that the real issue is the prevailing culture, not the strategy. As many have discovered, it’s much easier to change your strategy than it is to change your culture, but if the culture can be changed, then changes will become institutionalised and have a much more long lasting effect.

As ever, the solution requires Inspired Leadership, with the courage and vision to transform a culture that is in danger of becoming increasingly inward looking and distanced from the fans and communities that are integral to its future and well-being.

“Diversity is being invited to the dance – inclusion is being asked to dance”.

It’s all about taste.

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