Winners – Alastair Campbell

Published: 9th July

We were so privileged to have the extremely thoughtful Alastair Campbell with us at Hult International Business School launching his new book, ‘Winners’.

He shared huge insights and subtle reflections with a very full house – he was honest without ever being earnest, and thought every question through before answering.

It was obvious that this was a labour of love and that the process of all the interviews were as revelatory for Campbell, as they are for the reader. He felt both energised and reflective at the same time.

After a humorous and surprisingly self-deprecating interview, the Q&A with the Hult students will be remembered by all who were there. Brilliant questions, beautifully and positively positioned got the best out of Campbell, who in turn answered everything posed to him. He shared a vast array of beautiful little trinkets of anecdotes and stories – ending each one with a golden nugget of advice that was gobbled up by the hungry audience.

Tips, insights, stories, reflections and observations drawn from Alastair Campbell’s research interviews were all lovingly shared from his unique and sharp mind – he stayed on chatting with all who approached him.

‘Winners’ has something for everyone, and we all left feeling just that little bit more a winner for having spent time with him.

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