Insights From Inside Google – Work Rules by Laszlo Bock

Published: 9th June

Tuesday was another exciting day for the Inspired Leaders Network. In partnership with London Business Forum, our very own René Carayol yesterday interviewed Laszlo Bock, Innovative Head of Google’s People Operations.

With an audience of 500, the interview took place at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE.

One of the most inspirational speakers and leaders we have come across, Laszlo who was authentic and engaging, captured each and every member of the audience. René facilitated an open and transparent discussion about Laszlo’s new book ‘Work Rules’ focusing on workforce engagement, what is means to be a ’Googler’ and why Google is, and should be, the company of choice for our highest performing workforce.

On the subject of culture, Laszlo said of Google “Voice and Transparency are key elements of importance at Google. We are all owners and we all make decisions”. Here are some of our favourite quotes from the event:


“Corporate Leadership is taking ownership for everything”

“Google hire people that are willing to recognize when they are wrong”

“Giving up power is just as important as seizing power”

“Many succeed because they are destined to, Google succeed because they are determined to”

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