National Mentoring Day

Published: 28th October

There was a time in their lives when even the best leaders didn’t quite believe in themselves. From Mandela to Gandhi to Angela Merkel to Queen Elizabeth to Pope Francis, they all have had someone who gave them their time, encouraged them and looked out for them – Mentors.

Mentors trade in confidence – they are able to give you their confidence and pass on their confidence in you. And as we all have learned, without confidence nothing happens.

So today, on National Mentoring Day stop missing out and get yourself a mentor.

Aim as high as you can and do not hesitate, just pluck up the courage to ask for an hour a month of their valuable time. Flatter them. Let them know that you want to learn and be guided by them because of their behaviours and attitudes.

Aim as high as you can as they will have so much to share the more they have been through.

Aim as high as you can and don’t be put off by potential rejection – you will soon learn that rejection doesn’t hurt at all, when you aim really high.

Do not hesitate, go and find that person you so admire and ask them to mentor you.

If you are lucky enough to be asked – find every reason to say “YES”, and make this a wonderful National Mentoring Day for someone special.

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