Consultants Have All The Answers… Depends On Who’s Asking?

Published: 28th April

The world of business has changed radically, and last night from our esteemed panel, we all took away that consulting has also changed, but perhaps nowhere near as radically.
We heard from the large Bluechip Consulting Firms, and also heard from the small, agile and very focused boutique consulting firm.
There were striking similarities but tangible points of difference between the firms that our guest panellists worked for.  In many respects, they all agreed that the industry has been forced to change, but consulting by definition, has had to adapt and evolve to meet all the challenges and more that their clients and customers are exposed to in a variety of sectors, geographies and economic climates.
The problem may well be the way we view the problem.
It was fast moving, refreshing, with loads of learning points for our diverse live audience.
We had the following special quotes from the evening:
  • Consultants = Advisers = Trusted People. Every leader has an adviser looking out for the big things. Not the small things – Phil Walker
  • Polarisation in the market. That consultancy has to be precise. There is still a desire for consultants not contractors (cheaper) but quality expertise. – Andrew Hooke
  • Less about revolution. Consultants are driven by clients. McKinsey have excellent people and talent. Maybe in the future there is a multiple tier of consultant for clients, branded differently - Philippe Maso
  • Consultants should deliver on Value and Trust. You need to believe and stand for something. Phil Walker
  • Hire people to move up as a leader. The world of consultants should be beating in all dimensions and understand all trends.- Philippe Maso
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