Published: 9th June

Schools4Future aims at providing affordable education for children in India by combining quality education with sound business management. Families from poor backgrounds will have the possibility to send their children to school, where they will have a safe and supportive environment, as well as being provided with food and good preparation for their further academic journey, by paying a marginal tuition in cash or trash.

More than 6000 tons of plastic waste is dumped in Indian cities every day and mostly burnt due to the lack of recycling possibilities. Our approach, cash4trash, enables families to collect plastic waste from the streets, and to pay for their children’s education by depositing the waste, which we recycle, process and sell.

Spreading the news of this social venture will create awareness and make our project happen. Many people know that poverty is an issue and think that donating can help! In fact vast amounts of donations are misused and spent for administration. Our company ensures that all resources are used as efficiently as possible.

YOU could become part of this incredible project !


If you would like to contribute to this fantastic cause please click here.

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