Rick Stein's Long Weekend with Chateau Bauduc

Published: 21st April

The ILN team is very excited to watch our long-term delicious wine sponsor, Chateau Bauduc, featured in the Rick Stein's Long Weekend on Friday 22 April, 9pm on BBC2.  We are happy to share their message and invite all the someliers, wine afficionados and everyone loving good French wine to tune in and watch the Rick Stein's Weekend in Bordeaux, with the Bauduc team.  Visit Gavin Quinney's blog to find...

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How To Go From Good to Great

Published: 20th April

What turns a manager into a leader? Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Randall S Peterson, suggests some answers in his recent article published in London Business School Review. He is a firm believer in Strengths-based Leadership, where a discovery journey from a Manager to a Leader consists of 5 major steps: being self-aware, playing to your strengths, nurturing your organization's values, staying open to feedback and knowing when to go...

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Introducing Newcastle University London & The Unvarnished Truth

Published: 12th October

The Inspired Leaders Network is pleased to announce our academic partner for the 2015/16 academic year is Newcastle University London. Newcastle University London opened its doors in September 2015 offering a range of business related undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses accredited by Newcastle University but taught on the London campus. Newcastle University is ranked in the top 20 UK universities most targeted by ...

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Professional Athletes

Published: 9th July

95% of Fortune 500 executives participated in high school athletics. They have always been about the business of Winning. But what sets them apart? 1: Teamwork These men and women don’t just preach teamwork.  They practice it.  A sports team is like a jazz band; integration is necessary to gather a coherent whole, but everybody gets the chance to shine.  There might be a “most valuable player,” but...

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