Boyden Breakfast Event - Unveiling Spike to TOP 50 HR Directors

Nearly all organisational Performance Management systems and Employee Appraisal systems and their associated methodologies are designed and implicitly biased towards identifying weaknesses or areas for development.

Consequently, every employee becomes fixated on working nearly exclusively on raising their (sometimes obvious) weaknesses to a decent level – with ‘decent’ usually prescribed by the prevailing Performance Management system – not many achieve this despite years of frustrated effort and focus, and continual negative feedback!

Most are not confident enough to breakout (on their own) from the pack and actually focus on honing their strengths to a formidable standard.

René's experience of working with some of the world’s best leaders of this generation: from President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister David Cameron, Mikael Gorbachev, Sir Richard Branson and world champion boxers, David Haye and Ricky Hatton, Biz Stone and many others, revealed to him that none of them are flawless or ‘all-rounders’. But they all tend to know their 2/3 Spikes, and have taken the time and focus to fine tune them to near Olympic standards.

Spike is the product of some 30 years of supporting the growth and development of individuals and businesses of all shape and sizes in the UK and overseas. The book brings together a proven formula for personal development and business development – we know Spike works because we practice and live the teachings of the book and we have shared the tools successfully with literally thousands of people over the years.

We believe passionately about the principles incorporated in the book as these messages are embedded within all aspects of everything we do and at all levels.

When thinking of the appropriate Vice President for the next President of the USA, the discussion cannot realistically take place until the President has been elected.

This choice is totally predicated on the Spikes of all concerned.


René Carayol will share all the research, case studies and anecdotes that will be part of his latest book – Spike – ‘Making Your Spike Spikier’ by René Carayol.



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