How Sir Alf Ramsey Won the World Cup - REVIEW

Last week we experienced the perfect West Ham United F.C. storm, when our very own René Carayol, had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing the one and only Sir Geoff Hurst at the BAFTA building in Piccadilly, London. The event was hosted by the London Business Forum on the 10th May. Not only was it to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of England winning the World Cup in 1966; as life would have it, it was also the day that Sir Geoff's beloved West Ham were leaving their home, Boleyn Ground, which they occupied in 1912.

Sir Geoff was honest, authentic and hugely self-deprecating.

A mixed audience, with far more women than one would have anticipated, got far more than they could’ve bargained for.

Leadership, culture, management, collaboration and of course, football. Sir Geoff had a witty and funny story for every question and every occasion. No one who was there will ever forget his charm and modesty, but at a sprightly 74 years old, he was trim and owned up to going to the gym every single day.

It’s hard work being a hero, but we all love the fact that he is our hero. 

Watch the highlights of Sir Geoff Hurst event on YouTube.

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