Inspired Speaker Series with Prosper Williams

We are pleased to announce the next Inspired Speaker Series of events. 

Prosper Williams is that New Age Leader – he thinks very radically and differently. He can see around corners and shape what is current to the needs of the future.
He is currently helping Barclays pull ahead in the race for digital transformation.
Prosper comes from the most humble of origins and has used his time at University and whilst studying for his MSc in Management at Cass Business School to brilliant effect. He has already worked in many industries; from Retail to Financial Services, from Consulting to Events Management.
Everywhere he has been he has not just developed and grown, but he always contributes and has 
left a strong legacy behind him, but even more than that, he has maintained his relationships and networks.
He reads, he writes, he speaks and he lives transformation.
He is now in high demand, and he has found the right place at the right firm at the right time but 
Prosper cannot spell complacency. He just keeps on learning, developing and growing.
He now sits on the Leadership Advisory Boards for both the British Academy of Management and 
the Chartered Management Institute – they too know a rising star when they see one.
Prosper will be in conversation with our very own René Carayol at City, University of London - Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB on Tuesday 31st January 2017.
He has the most uplifting story to share about his recent journey from willing but rather naïve student to digital transformation leader.
You have so much to learn from this gentle giant of the digital world – he will share his journey with René and then will take all and any questions from those who are smart enough to have booked early.

“People who say it cannot be done – should not interrupt people doing it” - Confucius

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