No Place For Well Intentioned Amateurs

Something seriously needs to change with both the Leadership and the Governance of Sporting Bodies and International Sports Federations. 

From FIFA, to the IAAF, to the ICC, there are sad and worrying scandals from corruption, to doping, to fraud. 

The Americans appear to have resolved their issues many years ago, when their big 4 sports; Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey and American Football went through a total transformation as they brought heavy duty professionals in to oversee professional sport.  Since then, they have gone from commercial strength to strength, and have dealt with all issues without the ongoing mess that we appear to be experiencing with our favourite sports in Europe and beyond.

It might be high time to remove and replace the long serving, and in the main, very well intentioned amateurs who are at the top of far too many of these now wealthy sporting bodies, who are crying out for better oversight, stronger governance, and most of all, professional leadership.

But many cry that this drive for profitability at all costs is sucking the passion and the authenticity out of these games that we so love.

Our panellists confirmed for the event are:

  • Alison Kervin The brilliant and only female sports editor of a national newspaper at the Mail on Sunday
  • David DeinThe hugely respected former Vice Chairman at Arsenal FC and now an Ambassador for the hugely successful Premier League
  • Simon Cummins Expert and experienced recruiter of sporting executives - Head of Sports Practice, Odgers Berndtson
  • Professor Chris BradyOur resident academic and sports nut and recently appointed Commissioner, FA’s Football Regulatory Authority
  • Nick Keller - Founder/CEO, Benchmark Sports International and the influential and much admired social enterprise, Beyond Sports

As ever, at the Inspired Leaders Network, we are going to wrestle this thorny issue to the floor.  On the evening of January 20th, at the most inviting of venues, at Newcastle University London (NUL) near Liverpool Street in London.


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