Performance at the Limit EVENT SUMMARY

Three experts on Leadership and Culture with one overriding message – “Nothing is best done alone anymore”, even in as single minded sport as Formula 1, it is always all about the team.

One overriding message, with many, many fabulous insights, anecdotes and unforgettable stories. The evening flashed by, but the learning just never stopped and was delivered with an understated authority and humility.

Ken Pasternak and Mark Jenkins (the co-authors of Performance at the Limit) gave powerful case studies and stories from their brilliant book. Everyone in attendance found their easy going approach backed up by evidence, that played well with the variety of businesses they would go back to try these tips and tools out on. They shared why luck, or better explained, timing was so important. The power of cultures that enabled and recognised innovation, and even when these initiatives didn’t quite work out, they shared the role of the leader in ensuring their people still tried harder without feeling demotivated.

Pat Symonds, the calm but clearly driven Chief Technical Officer of Williams Formula 1 clearly demonstrated how to inspire even when things didn’t go to plan. The tougher the challenge, the more energised he would become. He shared that it was as important whom you fired as whom you hired. Creating a ‘no blame’ culture was a non-negotiable must.

The clarity of Pat’s leadership was paramount and obvious in everything he said and even more instructive was the way he said everything.

An underlying thread all evening was the power of culture, with Mark reminding us on the perennial challenge of ‘strategy or culture’ that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, and that the right culture enables strategy to happen. The leader enables the right culture and the right culture enables everything to happen. When the culture is wrong you can feel is as you enter the factory, the office or any other place of work.  

We and all in attendance gave them the deserved and heartfelt applause that their inspirational wisdom and tangible common sense approach to ‘Performance at the Limit’.

Pat, Ken and Mark, we at the Inspired Leaders Network salute you – inspired leaders and a wonderful team – simply the best.

We will have the edited highlights available to all who were fortunate to attend and to all those who missed this fabulous evening – we will have our work cut out in leaving any of this superb masterclass during the editing.

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Please see below the highlights from the evening.


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