Performance at the Limit - Zagreb Event Summary

It was a real privilege to play a small but active part in the fascinating and important OPCS leadership event in Zagreb.

OPCS are an integral and significant part of The World Bank Group’s global offering.

This was one of their regular and important Profess Update session which 70 of their Country Managers and Programmes Advisors travelled to from around the world.

The Inspired Leaders Network were in attendance to run ‘Performance at the Limit’ – an inside view on what organisations can learn from Formula 1, based upon the much acclaimed book, Performance at the Limit.

We were very privileged to have one of the co-authors with us, Ken Pasternak. Ken brought fabulous insights from the research that had been performed for the book and great case studies that were relevant to our attendees from the World Bank.

We were also privileged to have Helene Speight, HR Director of Formula E and Professor Chris Brady of Salford Business School on the panel. We had a lively, energetic and fun few hours where we dived into what we could learn and take from one of the most competitive sports and industries around.

We had great quotes, examples and insights that brought us all together in understanding that no matter how difficult, challenging or forlorn the circumstance – when looking for the solution, it is always a “question of leadership”.

We ended the day with an interactive exercise which asked the challenging question – “What should the World Bank recognise and reward going forward?”

The first brave volunteer to who shared her view on what should be recognised and rewarded to help better foster collaboration across the group was simply outstanding.

She was energised, authentic and so passionate. Not everybody could hear everything she said, but everybody knew how positively she made them feel. For such a high intellect gathering, it took some time to sink in and accept, that when it comes to leadership, it’s not just about content, its far more about the delivery and the performance – we will all quickly forget precisely what she said, but we will never forget just how much she put into it – and it was all for us!

A fabulous and special ending to a first class session.

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Video highlights of the event to follow.

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