The Business of Women in Sports - Spend It Like Beckham - SUMMARY

Another unforgettable Inspired Leaders Network evening with a full, thoughtful and diverse audience.

Our star panel did not disappoint.

We dived straight in with the headline news of the day – the abrupt sacking of Mark Sampson, the successful manager of the England women’s football team, after a long and drawn out investigation into the accusations of racism.

This was not what brought him down, in fact, it was issues from some 4 years ago which appear to have been known about.  

As ever, the FA has not come out of this well.

This set a thread of the obvious and striking need for transparency in all issues of gender equality. Our panel enlighten us with many real examples of why this is the first and foremost positive action that will help close the divide.

Positive role models, more diverse and professional governing bodies, the need for the victims of inequality to be supported and brave enough to call inappropriate rewards to stand up and an attitude for all concerned to want to do the ‘right thing’.

A great question opened the eyes of all present – “In China, women tend to be better paid than men in all walks of life. Is this because of a more meritocratic culture?”

It was fast moving, our deep rooted unconscious and implicit bias which affects girls and boys needs addressing. It’s not easy but its fundamental.

A serious issue was dealt with seriously, but with humility, understanding and insightful potential solutions.

We may not have solved this intractable and damaging problem, but we all left feeling a little better that with people like Liz, Helen and Jo at the helm, change will come and maybe quicker than we thought before this evening.

Inspired Leaders no less.

Jo, Helen and Liz we salute you.


You can watch the debate now!

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