Phil Walker

Phil is one of those rare animals who has adapted and evolved his own career to meet the changing nature of work in recent years.

Phil started life as an Educationalist, moving through various teaching roles which worked to serve his career well in the future.

Moving seamlessly from being a Partner at PA Consulting to lead a CRM and Business Intelligence practice at IBM’s Consultancy Practise, and culminating in the Chief Operating Officer (COO) role at Blue Chip Consultancy, Cap Gemini.

He has consulted in just about every sector, and had led just about every size and shape project and initiative that can be imagined.

All in all, there is no-one better placed to talk about the changing nature of work and shed some insights into why consulting will be even more important in the future.

But it’s not plain sailing for the big consultancies, and they also will need to adapt and evolve, again, Phil will share his strong views on how all this will take shape in the future.

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