Philippe Maso

Philippe Maso is a new age leader – change agent, people oriented, values led and performance driven. Having played a key role in building the AXA Group for some 15 years, culminating with two years as CEO of AXA Insurance UK, his adaptability, flexibility and skill at simplifying complex situations has helped forged a compelling leadership philosophy and growing international reputation.


He spent two years back in Paris leading the transformation of Aviva-France to a very challenging timescale in the darkest recessionary times with much success. He has recently accepted another challenging assignment by taking the lead position in helping McKinsey and Co. establish a Global Insurance Practice.

If during the first two decades of career he was responsible for finance, strategy, financial risk and asset management, Philippe now blurs the lines between financial spokesman, leadership expert and climate change authority. Each has become a burning issue as the business world moves rapidly into uncharted territory.

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